Maintenance & Warranty Guide

Below you will find a few important tips and recommendations regarding the appropriate maintenance and use of your new Blue Green Fins. Please note that these recommendations constitute the terms of use for your Blue Green Fins.

Getting the fins on

  • Moisten the fin's foot pockets thoroughly in water. Make sure that water gets inside the foot pockets.
  • Moisten your feet / your neoprene socks with water.
  • For tight fitting foot pockets, lather your feet / your neoprene socks with some soap.
  • Now you are ready to put your fins on!

Make sure to avoid

  • Entering the water - fins first.
  • Walk with the fins on your feet
  • Pushing off the seabed with the fins to return on surface
  • Hitting sharp / hard objects underwater. The blade's tip is especially vulnerable to this kind of damage.


These blades, any model, are covered under a warranty period of 1-2or3 years (depended of model) and it is a "Limited Warranty", we reserve the right to replace the blade or not after inspection, based on the damage of the fin and the way it was broken, we can determine if the fin was abused or if is a fail in the Carbon Fiber. Any fail in the blade during a normal use is covered under this warranty. As a manufacturer we guarantee our products for 1-2or3 years (depended of model) under normal use. One of the key points in our line is the quality of the Carbon Fiber we are using and the Carbon Structure. The Carbon Fiber we use is the same carbon the Aerospace Industry is using today. We are NOT using commercial grade Carbon Fiber where the fiber itself is cheaper and not intended for high stress.

Warranty is given to the Blue Green Fins that are not:

  • Altered
  • Scratched
  • Deliberately Broken
  • Drilled or any other way changed compared to the finished products delivered by Blue Green.

The warranty is non-transferable. It only applies to the original owner with proof of purchase. It only includes structural failure to the Carbon Fiber itself. It does not include: rubber rails, foot pockets, lettering or surface scratches.

It is necessary to exist the special sticker on the Fins of purchase date and the hardness of the fins and not be altered because otherwise the warranty will not apply.

Some additional restrictions may apply for commercial spearfishing. Contact with Blue Green or an Authorized Dealer for additional information.