Company profile

Blue Green was founded back in the 90's, from George Karatzas, with multiannual experience in spear fishing and is free diving trainer of CMAS. 

Its main activities included the design, manufacturing and distribution of hi-tech spearfishing equipment. In a short time, based on the skills, knowledge and abilities of its contributor, along with a complete team, of engineers, physicists and sportsmen (mainly free-diving people and spearfishers), the company has taken one of the leading positions in the Greek market, with products, that are exported in some of the most demanding countries, such as Italy, France, Spain, Portugal . In the last years, the classic product range has been enhanced with the use of composite materials, such as Carbon, Kevlar, Dyneema, etc, and products such as fin blades and carbon fibber tube spearguns, have been introduced. The product range includes products that may cover the needs of the most sophisticated and demanding user, and if not, we are in the position to design and re-engineer our product to exceed them...