reel carbon2

Heavy duty reel in five sizes. Manufactured from stainless steel 316L marine (thickness 1,5mm), 3K Carbon (gives stiffness and reducing significant the weight of reel), trunk from synthetic material Polyacetal with zero absorption

of water and the most excellent mechanic attributes. The drawing of reel and the combination of these materials in manufacture constitutes a single and strong total guarantees the unhindered and smooth operation even in the most difficult conditions. Brake of automatic release and regulated flow.


Dimen­sions       Impact Small Impact Medium Impact Large Impact XLarge Impact XXLarge

30meters 1,5mm

40meters 1,2mm

42meters 1,5mm 65meters 1,5mm 75meters 2mm 110meters 2mm
Width 105mm 105mm 105mm 105mm 105mm
Height  51mm 73mm 80mm 92mm 105mm
Weight 100gr 115gr 128g 143g 170g

reel carbon1