Carbon Fins Vampire

vampire fins 1

Car­bon blades 10cm shorter than Ocean fins, graded cru­elty for explo­sive rein­tro­duc­tion of biggest out­put with the min­i­mal con­sump­tion of energy in extreme con­di­tions of use.

Ideal for win­ter, shal­low spearfish­ing, for those who fish­ing in rocks, for big dis­tances of swim­ming, for train­ing in pool etc and for entry level divers.


The Blades are manufactured with the most sophisticated method VIP from 100% Carbon Aero very dense weaving and greater coherence in combination with leading epoxy resins and controlled hardening process in special ovens.

The manufacturing process of blades lasts 2 days.

With the Vacuum Infusion Process, we achieve:

  • Highest Carbon to resin ratio up to 75% Carbon/25% Resin by weight.
  • Higher Endurance and explosiveness.
  • Zero trapping of air bubbles in the resin and carbon. (In contrast to the method of closed molds under pressure).

They are Produced in three different hardnesses:

  • soft up to 75kg
  • med from 75 to 90kg
  • Hard from 90kg and upwards.


  • Blade's angle: 23°
  • Total Blade Length: 660mm.
  • Total blade width: 195mm.

It Follows strict quality control before placing them on the market. They are Accompanied with 2 YEARS WARRANTY.Maintenance & Warranty Guide

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