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Graded cru­elty for explo­sive rein­tro­duc­tion of biggest out­put with the min­i­mal con­sump­tion of energy in extreme con­di­tions of use. Ideal for win­ter, shal­low spearfish­ing, for those who fish­ing in rocks and for entry level divers.


The Blades are manufactured with the most sophisticated method VIP from 100% Glass Fiber Aero (Material as per aircraft standards) very dense weaving and greater coherence in combination with leading epoxy resins and controlled hardening process in special ovens.

The manufacturing process of blades lasts 2 days.

With the Vacuum Infusion Process, we achieve:

  • Highest Carbon to resin ratio up to 75% Glass Fiber/25% Resin by weight.
  • Higher Endurance and explosiveness.
  • Zero trapping of air bubbles in the resin and Fiber. (In contrast to the method of closed molds under pressure).

They are Produced in three different hardnesses:

  • soft up to 75kg
  • med from 75 to 90kg
  • Hard from 90kg and upwards.



  • Blade's angle: 23°
  • Total Blade Length: 760mm.
  • Total blade width: 195mm.

It Follows strict quality control before placing them on the market. They are Accompanied with 1 YEAR WARRANTY.

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