vampire invert1

Speargun with Carbon tube ex. diameter 30mm and wall thickness 2,0mm. Features roller inverted stainless steel trigger mechanism with automatic line release.  


Inverted Polyspast speargun with multi rub­bers of load­ing than a sim­ple con­ven­tional spear­gun and many of big­ger multi rub­bers spear­guns capa­ble it shoot­ing shafts of big­ger diam­e­ter far away with big­ger force and null recoil. Pul­leys are man­u­fac­tured from syn­thetic mate­ri­als with stain­less steel of bear­ings for fast and smooth flow under over­load.  The stain­less steel parts are man­u­fac­tured by 316aisi. 

The Vampire Inverted available in: 75cm-85cm-95cm with stainless steel shaft 6, 5mm with shark fins, two pairs rubbers 20mm and 17,5mm, Reel Impact Carbon Small or Medium full of Dynee-line 1,5mm.

The: 105cm 115cm-125cm-135cm with stainless steel shaft 7,0mm with shark fins, a pair of 20mm, two pairs of 16mm, Reel Impact Carbon Medium or Large full of Dynee-line 2,0mm.

Directions of Use  

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