Speargun with aluminum tube variable ex. diameter 28mm and wall thickness 1mm/2mm. Features roller inverted stainless steel trigger mechanism with automatic line release.  

vampire profile



 The tube is shaped in such a way that it gives maximum rigidity with the minimum possible weight, the tube rail was designed and constructed to minimize the friction between Shaft and tube gaining speed.

The Vampire has the new head with elevator by placing the tires almost parallel to the shaft, the head gives us the ability to be closed or open thanks to the detachable metal arch.  It is available with 6, 5mm stainless steel shaft with shark fins, rubber17, 5mm with Dyneema wishbone. It is manufactured in lengths: 65cm (without reel) and 75cm-85cm-95cm-105cm-115cm with a 30m reel, filled with polyester rope.


vampire2 vampire3 vampire4 vampire5    vampire6 vampire handle roller vampire handle roller1