The combination though, of Plvc®, carbon fibers and resin is beyond all! Plvc®, impregnated and bonded with epoxy resign, and external layups of high quality carbon fibers (aero type)

, give to the Zero  Hybrid such characteristics and performance that are very hard to achieve using only carbon fiber. The structural and aesthetical design, utilize to the maximum, the mechanical properties of the laminate, and achieve, the perfect balance, between, strength, weight and look. Our new spearguns will cover, your greatest expectations, with any combination of bands-shaft, offering ultimate, Fire power and targeting, at all depths since the uncompressed core eliminates any possibility of break or water penetration. 

  Muzzle manufactured from inox the 316 marine with result rubbers set at the same time with the stick for bigger precision in the shot and zero frictions, accepts 2 pairs of rubbers and can accept up to 3 pairs. Zero hybrid is produced in two sizes 100-110 as well as bigger length at requirement interested. Zero hybrid Contains full reverse mechanism, shaped handhold, reel Impact inox, 2 pairs rubbers 16 mm ( possibility 2 pairs 17,5 mm or 3 pairs 14,5 mm) and with 6,5 mm shaft (with possibility 7,0 mm).  




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